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We are offering a special maintenance service plan that we are confident will save our customers a lot of money in the long haul.  What we are offering is a one year service contract that will include an assessment of your home for any possible repairs that are needed and a 7 hour day with a licensed and insured carpenter to be used in your home any way you choose.  Perhaps you have several creaky doors, broken cabinets, whatever the need, you will have the services of one our master carpenter to do the work included in your annual contract.  

What is covered?
For an annual charge of $375 + tax, you will receive a free in home evaluation to give you a listing of items that are in current need of repair or that will be in the near future.  You will also receive the services of one of our Carpenters for a full 7 hour day at any time you choose through out the course of your contract.  This service must be used within 12 months of your start/renewal date.  The use of his services can be used any way you choose.  Materials are not included and if the Carpenter must drive to pick them up, the time will be deducted from the 7 hour day.

Why is this service a benefit to you?
This service is a benefit to you because you are getting a high quality company to come in and access any possible repairs, future or immediate that you may be in need of.  Knowing this information ahead of time could potentially save
 you thousands of dollars.  This will save you money to spend towards perhaps a new bath or kitchen that you have always dreamed of.   

Most service contracts cost anywhere from $50-$500 for different products/services and rarely do you cash in on these through out a one year period.  In this case, you are basically not spending a dime because you are getting the services of a qualified carpenter with a reputable company at your disposal for 7 hours and of course the estimation of any repairs/damages that you may currently have or soon need.   It will give you peace of mind to know in advance whether or not you need to repair or replace your roof/windows/siding, etc.  Think of it as a new type of insurance, but knowing you will get something for your money.

What other costs will you incur?
None.  If you decide that you are in need of the Carpenter for longer than the 7 hours, then you will be charged accordingly.  You can also begin and stop any time you want and resume again when your finances allow.   Most Carpenters can be scheduled for use within 2 weeks.

Other Information about us
We are a reputable Home Improvement and Design Company that pride ourselves on superior workmanship and have over 25 years of experience.  We have been licensed since 1989.  We have established a great relationship with our customers on Long Island and do work throughout Suffolk County and can supply many references.  Some of our services for the evaluation of your home include:

- Roof Inspection
- Siding
- Facia Soffet
- Sticking Doors
- Cabinetry
- Door/draw problems
- Drafty windows
- Labor only
- Licensed & Insured Workers
- Can hire for additional days for added fees 

Visit our Website: for additional information about our company and quality workmanship.  Owner operated.

Any questions, please call or email us.

Write checks to: 

Densin Décor
41 Lyndale Court
 Shirley, NY  11967

You will receive your contract in the mail within 7 days from receipt of check.