General Contracting:

Densin Decor has the resources and experience to assist its clients through all phases of  kitchen design. We will review your current space, suggest ideas, incorporate yours and create a set of drawings that you can review and edit. You can come to our showroom and see the latest styles from the leading manufactures and pick the cabinets and counter tops at manufacture-direct prices.
What's more you can take your design dollars further by matching your new kitchen color scheme, with the same rich woods to beautify your new kitchen nook--created at the same time for a look that only an expert craftsman can offer. Let Densin give you the look and feel you have always wanted.

Cost/budgeting Analysis
Zoning and code compliance
Status reporting

Quality control
Project management
Design services

Design & Build:

Densin Decor, Inc. offers design services to help our clients transform their structural visions into reality. Work with our design team to create a new home, building, or structure that serves all your functional needs. 

Clients can choose to lead their design and build team, or allow a Densin Decor, Inc. project manager direct the team for them. All project plans are designed in collaboration with the client to ensure that the final product is representative of the individual needs of the customer. 

For more information about our design and building services and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free initial consultations for all projects.

Project experience:

Over the years, Densin Decor, Inc. has constructed facilities for a variety of different industries in New York and beyond. To date we have completed several residential, commercial, religious and industrial construction projects.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church
Mt. Sylvan Homes
ASA Headquarters
Home repairs
And much more…

Duraflex Lab
Main Street Theater
Close Lake Restoration Project
Retail expansion projects

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of past projects.


Q: How long does it take to build a home?
A:  While small homes and additions take approximately 12 weeks to complete, larger projects often take 3 – 6 months. Custom design homes may require up to a year or more.

Q: Do I need a contractor if I am building a home?
A: Yes. A general contractor can help you plan your project, hire workers, and ensure that mistakes are not made at your expense. Hiring a contractor can help you save money in the long run and avoid needless hassles.

Q: Is there a standard calculation to use when trying to figure out building costs?
A: No. Each construction project is unique and has different associated costs. The only construction jobs whose costs can be standardized are tract homes. Square foot pricing is just an approximation at best in most cases.